We’ve written a load of multiple choice questions (MCQs)  to help you with your understanding of Physics A-Level. Quizzes are a set of ~10 multiple choice questions - okay there’s sometimes more if we got too excited writing them.

When you have completed a quiz and submitted your answers you will be taken to a results page with your responses and corrections, if necessary. This instant feedback is great for the learning process. CramNow also works well on your mobile devices. So, you can revise, anywhere, anytime.

Want a hard copy of your results? We can email your quiz results to you and you can forward this to your teacher. You will need to register for an account to benefit from this feature (accidental poetry).

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If you have a Physics exam on the horizon, we hope that you will be able to use this free resource as part of your preparations. 

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We hope that you enjoy using CramNow and good luck with wherever Physics takes you - which can be some pretty cool places.

A Level Physics Students

There is significant evidence that the best way to learn is to answer A Level Physics questions from memory. These quizzes are designed to help you recall your A Level Physics, in quick, multichoice quizzes. You need to register, then you can start completing the quizzes, On completion of each A Level Physics quiz, you will receive an email with your score, and details of incorrect answers. Before you start please be aware:

  • The quizzes are around 10 - 15 questions each.
  • They are challenging: there is no point only testing easy content you know.
  • They are timed : You only have 12 mins 30 seconds per quiz.(This function has been disabled over the summer)
  • You can only complete each quiz once a week. This limit will be lifted over summer, so you can maximise your revision prior to the exams in September this year. (This function has been disabled over the summer)
  • Your feedback email will contain grade boundaries. These are based on the average grade distribution of Y13 at the point of their A Level Physics exam, and are therefore aspirational.

If you forget your login details there are password reset and ‘username reset’ options at the bottom of the  login page : https://physics.cramnow.com/login

A Level Physics Teachers

SELF MARKING HOMEWORK: These challenging multiple choice quizzes generate an email with a mark and a grade which is sent to the student. This results email can then be forwarded to their A Level Physics teacher. This means that they can also be set as self-marking, graded HOMEWORK, during lockdown as evidence that they have completed their independent study.

PLENARIES / STARTERS: A Level Physics class sizes are growing nationally, and many classes now have over 20 students. These quizzes can be projected onto the board, then students can take it in turns to answer verbally and there are enough to go around everyone and show progress for all students.

SIGNING UP STUDENTS INDEPENDENTLY: There are instructions that show how to do this under ‘Getting Started’ on the top right of the above tool bar. Students will need an email address, from which they can forward their results email to teachers. Their school email is the obvious choice for this, but as cramnow.com is a new website, you may need to contact your IT Administrators to allow the results emails through the spam filter as it is undoubtedly set to ‘Unbelievably High’.

SIGNING UP STUDENTS WHEN AT SCHOOL: We envision at the start of the next school year ( whenever that is), that we will get students to register en masse during their first lesson. The log-in page has ‘password reset’ and ‘username reset’ functions at the bottom for when they forget.

Please note that this is a work in progress. We are adding new quizzes all the time so please check back regularly.

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CramNow Physics

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